To Be a Falcon Is to Be a Yugoslav
Exhibition Design

With the project To Be a Falcon Is to Be a Yugoslav, Museum of Yugoslav History opens a period of wider research and extending the fund that testifies about the legacy of the first Yugoslavia. Although the Falcon movement lasted nearly a century – and with interruptions lasts even today – the exhibition presents only the period from 1919 until 1941.

Discipline: Exhibition Design, Design Research
Type: Interpretive Exhibition
Client: Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade
Authors: Aleksa Bijelović, Milica Maksimović — Petokraka

Associates: Ana Makragić, Bogdan Maksimović

The intention of the authors was not to give a cross-section of previous interpretations of the theme, nor to review its musealisation, but to remind, by combining historical and artistic approach, of the Falcon heritage and to stimulate the widest audience to explore their own and their family memories.

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