Interior Architecture

An interior mise-en-scène employs the physicality of the theatrical set and amalgamates this with filmic ideas relating to perception and interpretation.

’Creating Interior Atmosphere, Mise-en-scène and Interior Design’ by Jean Whitehead

Discipline: Interior Architecture
Type: Residential Design, Lighting Design
Location: Voždovac, Belgrade, Serbia
Status: Completed 2019
Authors: Aleksa Bijelović, Milica Maksimović — Petokraka with Kosta Glušica

Carefully sourced antiques and salvaged furniture alongside instantly recognizable designer classics populate many mise-en-scènes. Atmosphere is further refined through the introduction of psychological elements that aim to enhance and ‘taint’ the mood further – light and shadow, colour, scale, composition, even special effects can all affect how we ‘perceive’ the scenery and props.

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