Polet (on tour)
Exhibition Design

The establishment of new market economy in the late 1960s in Yugoslavia gave birth to a new kind of aesthetics.

Discipline: Exhibition Design
Producer: Metaklinika
Location: Rovinj, Croatia
Authors: Aleksa Bijelović, Milica Maksimović — Petokraka with Nenad Trifunović

The Polet project was devised to reflect through an abundance of visual materials – the advertisements from the Economic Policy weekly published in the period between 1969 and 1980 – the freshness and enthusiasm which prevailed not only in the field of graphic design but also in a broader social context.

The introduction of free market into socialist economy led to a genuine revolution in the relationship between the consumers and the economy. Business enterprises and banks started to struggle for their place in the market, pursuing their own position within the community.
The Polet project was conceived to uniquely bring together and unite representatives of the creative industry: designers, illustrators, visual artists, representatives of the media and advertising agencies, theorists and industry. The project possesses historical and artistic importance as well, since it provides an insight into the historical continuity of marketing and visual communications and represents a kind of anthology of the time.

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