Exhibition Design

The establishment of new market economy in the late 1960s in Yugoslavia gave birth to a new kind of aesthetics.

Discipline: Exhibition Design
Producer: Metaklinika
Location: Art Gallery ad Gallery Podroom, Cultural Centre of Belgrade
Authors: Aleksa Bijelović, Milica Maksimović — Petokraka with Nenad Trifunović
The Polet project was devised to reflect through an abundance of visual materials – the advertisements from the Economic Policy weekly published in the period between 1969 and 1980 – the freshness and enthusiasm which prevailed not only in the field of graphic design but also in a broader social context.

The exhibition design at the Art Gallery was concieved as a teaser and introduction to the colorful designs and shapes of the 70’s advertisments that were on display at the Podroom Gallery in actual size and blowup versions as lightboxes.

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