Visual Art

Aleksa Bijelović
Heroes, 2016
(assemblage, photography)
Fine Arts Gallery, Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Serbia

The work Heroes addresses the phenomena of personal fascinations.

The approach is intimate, documentary, and subjective. Existing objects are placed in a new relationship with the immediate environment through a free interpretation of meaning and value, thus creating an intimate memorial of fascination — a new document of personal history. The assemblage consists of objects that form a monument of personal fascinations through their mutual relationships. It is temporary, with no permanent form or fixed connections between individual pieces. Under the changing nature of fascination, i.e. by constantly varying its intensity, the structure enables easy reshaping, change of place or complete dismantling.
Critics Have Chosen is an exhibition organised at the Fine Arts Gallery of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade since 1969. Already a traditional event in which art historians and fine arts critics present the aspects and the framework of the current fine arts production on the Serbian scene at the beginning of each exhibition season. Since 2001, it has been modified into an authorial exhibition presented by the winners of the Lazar Trifunović Award for fine arts criticism.

In 2016 the author/curator Irina Subotic selected twenty exhibitors — sculptors, painters, architects, and photographers — that responded to the given topic: Monuments and Ideas.
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