Ad Hoc
Design Research
Zapadna Morava, pronounced [zâːpadnaː mɔ̝̌rav̞a] is a river in Central Serbia, characterized by extreme fluctuations, which results in severe floods.
Discipline: Architecture, Design Research
Location: Ovcar-Kablar Gorge, Serbia
Status: Completed 2023
Authors: Aleksa Bijelović, Milica Maksimović — Petokraka

Ad Hoc: A Remote Design-assisted Building Process

A response to a self-build project initiated as a fast-track routing to replace an existing structure lost by severe flooding. Contextually a viable practice, this organic building process is infamous for the lack of planning and for missing the usual checkpoints of professional procedures. It reflects the local social dynamics and communal relations.

To add a design component to it means to rewire the typical methods of work and to relearn the rules of action. The design doesn’t have a planning purpose anymore but is reactive and informed by the building actions in the field and adapts to them. It is almost a role-inversion play with uncertain consequences.

May 2023
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